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Estimated @ 12% APR & 36 month payoff.

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Estimated @ 0% APR & 36 month payoff.

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* This analysis and new payment are not exact and are based on the average results for clients with balances similar to those you imputed. Refer to your No Debt Plan agent for specific numbers on your situation.

Debt Assumption works much differently than other debt relief options. Debt assumption offsets your debt, helps protect against lawsuits, and restores your credit without the possibility of tax liability. This program uses a proprietary process that has been proven highly successful for thousands of clients over the past 14 years. If you qualify there are a few benefits that the other methods do not perform. As with any settlement program, there are guidelines that must be followed; so not everyone will qualify for Debt Assumption.

With Debt Assumption, you can enroll all or as many of your unsecured debts as you like. Unsecured credit cards, signature loans, medical bills, business bank loans that you signed personally. Under debt assumption, even private student loans can be offset. It doesn't matter if, or how long, you've been delinquent, even closed accounts and 3rd party collections are accepted. The program can last from 12 to 36 months, if law suits occur you will be assisted in most circumstances through attorney or arbitration methods. Your credit will be damaged during the process but credit restoration is included in the process. Feel free to contact us with your questions; the more you know, the better decision you can make.